Which states license tiny fishing?

A growing number of states have begun issuing tiny fishing licenses for the recreational use of small fish, but not all states allow the practice, according to a report by the National Fisheries Institute.

The report says states such as Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina are the only ones to allow the hobby of tiny fishing.

The issue is particularly contentious in Alabama, where a recent bill that would have allowed tiny fishing has been blocked by the Alabama Supreme Court.

The tiny fishing bill, which would have required a license for fishing with less than 50% of the average weight of the fish caught, was blocked by Alabama Supreme Judge Don Boggs in February, when a group of small fishing enthusiasts challenged the bill.

The bill passed the Alabama House but failed in the state Senate.

Bogg’s decision was challenged by the Small Fishermen’s Alliance, which argued that the law was unconstitutional because it was designed to limit small fishing by making it harder for people to own and fish their own small fish.

This is a really big issue for me, I think, in the rural South where I live,” said Joe Fong, the president of the Small Fish Alliance, a coalition of fishermen in rural Alabama.

“This bill really got people thinking and saying, ‘We’re going to make this change. “

I think it really brought out the rural people in the Southern part of the South,” he said.

“This bill really got people thinking and saying, ‘We’re going to make this change.

We’re going be a part of this.'”

In addition to Alabama, a number of other states have banned the hobby.

In Arizona, small fishing is now allowed only for small bait fish, such as tuna and king mackerel.

In California, tiny fishing is banned by the state Fish and Game Commission, but the state has a loophole that allows it to be carried out on certain types of small baitfish.

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