When you see Alabama fishing license, think “Giant fish.” Now you can, too.

alabama license plate has changed source MTV news title Why is Alabama license plate now a giant fish?

article alaska fishing license plate changes to “Giants” article alberta fishing license plates have changed from the usual black-and-white stripes to red, white and blue, the Associated Press reported.

The plate is now in a gray, white, and blue design, according to the AP.

Alaska’s license plates are designed to reflect Alaska’s natural beauty, but Alaska state officials say the state’s flag is also an important part of the state.

“Our flag has always been our heritage, and it is part of our state, and we hope that you will consider our flag as a source of pride,” state spokesman Jim Wiblin said.

Alaskan plates have been in use since 2002.

In 2010, Alaska’s governor and state legislature passed a law to prohibit the use of the plate until 2021, when the state will change the design to a blue sky and the state flag.

Alana Grier/AP