What you need to know about the death of the sea

The death of a whale off Ireland’s east coast is being treated as a natural disaster, with authorities declaring a state of emergency to help protect the marine life.

A huge number of whales and dolphins were killed off the west coast of Ireland in the past decade, but the death is being considered a rare but potentially catastrophic event.

In May, a massive flotilla of whales washed ashore in the North Atlantic and the Irish coast was closed for several days due to high seas.

The Irish coastguard has since declared a state-of-emergency, as well as a major marine sanctuary, off the south west coast.

The flotillas of whales, dolphins and porpoises, called the Great Blue Herons, have been sighted in the area for more than 30 years.

This year, some 4,500 whales were killed, but officials said this number could be significantly higher.

In the past 10 years, the number of dead whales has been on a steady decline.

“We are seeing an ongoing decline in the numbers of whale sightings in this area, with the great blue herons the prime cause of that,” said Tom McIlroy from the Office of the Director of National Statistics.

Tom McIloy, director of the Office for National Statistics, said the Great Green Herons had also increased in numbers.

In recent years, however, the numbers have been on the decline, with just a few hundred sightings a year.

“The great blue was down from 2,000 sightings in the mid-2000s to 1,000 in 2017,” he said.

In the past two years, Great Blue herons have been spotted in the western Bay of Sheppey, in the South Atlantic and in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of France.

The sightings have been a regular occurrence, but this year there were no sightings.

It is estimated that there are over 500,000 Great Blue Sheep on the planet, and that there may be up to 200,000 on the island of Ireland.

There are currently more than 200 Great Blue Hares in Ireland, with some in captivity.

“It is estimated there are about 200,00 Great Blue sheeps in Ireland and a significant number of them are in captivity,” said Mr McIlroys.

“Many are on a diet of meat, eggs and fish.

They are also breeding.

The Great Blue is an iconic animal, but its population is declining worldwide. “

However, we do know there are a lot of Great Blue whales in Ireland now, so we have an opportunity to keep the population of the whales and dolphin population in check.”

The Great Blue is an iconic animal, but its population is declining worldwide.

In 2007, the International Whaling Commission announced that its quota of 10,000 whales and 20,000 dolphins was being cut.

This was the first time a quota of that size had been cut in 50 years, with many marine scientists saying the reduction was an example of the way in which the industry was trying to make money.

The Irish government is currently working on measures to ensure the welfare of the dolphins and whales.

In addition to the Great Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the organisation’s marine sanctuary in the Bay of Islands has been declared a sanctuary, with a marine park built around the site, as a way to protect dolphins.

The park is expected to be operational in 2022, with dolphins and humpbacks from the Great Bay being allowed to graze on the land.

However, the plan is not without its problems.

“As a sanctuary that protects dolphins, the bay is the only place where humpback dolphins are able to breed,” said David McCall, director general of the Irish Sea Shepherd Movement.

“Humpbacks are in great danger.

The bay is full of predators, including sharks, and these predators attack them.”

He added: “It’s the most remote part of Ireland, and you’re talking about the most endangered species of dolphin and the most threatened species of humpback dolphin in the world.”

In 2017, the Irish government launched a pilot project to establish a marine sanctuary off the southern coast of Africa. “

I believe that the sanctuary that we have here is an absolute success and it has saved the lives of dolphins, and of humpbacks, and will save the lives the dolphins.”

In 2017, the Irish government launched a pilot project to establish a marine sanctuary off the southern coast of Africa.

The idea is to establish an area where dolphins and other marine species can roam free.

In 2017, a huge flotillation of whales was washed ashore off the north west coast in Ireland.

The great blue sheens are also being found in the wild.

Ireland has also recently experienced a boom in tourism, particularly in the Caribbean.

“Tourism is a very big thing, and tourism is something we’re seeing a lot in the last five years

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