What you need to know about fishing line and fishing tanks

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is advising all Canadians to avoid fishing in the coastal waters of Lowrance, near Port St. John, on Saturday after a fisherman caught a fish with a fishing line attached.

The fish was found by a fisherman on Saturday afternoon in the waters of the small town off the northern shore of Lowrey.

A post on the town’s Facebook page said the fisherman spotted a large, pink-and-black fish on the shore, which is a popular spot for anglers.

“The fisherman was alerted by the presence of the fish and was able to locate it in the area,” the post read.

“It is a small fry, which we hope will be able to swim away quickly.

We hope to catch the fish before the sun sets.”

Fishing line attached to a fish in the Lowrey waters.

(Karen Wimmer/CBC)The post did not give details of the size or location of the catch, nor the identity of the fisherman.

“We’ve seen these type of fish before, and this was one of the most impressive ones we’ve ever seen,” said Lowrey’s deputy mayor and town manager, Scott Molloy.

“I think people were just trying to get a quick photo, which they’re allowed to do in Lowrey.”

The town’s website states that fishing in Lower St. Johns is allowed in certain areas, but that it’s prohibited to fish in or near a commercial fishery.

“This is something we do not permit in Lower Sells waters.

It’s not allowed to fish within or near commercial fishing areas,” it reads.

The town is hosting an event at a nearby fishing lodge to celebrate the discovery.