‘Walking on eggshells’: This year’s fish sandwiches are a little less eggshell-y

Wearing your best fish sandwich is a must for this summer, as this year’s seafood is even more delicious than usual.

This is thanks to a whole host of creative ingredients that can make a great sandwich.

There are no fancy ingredients here, just a good old fashioned recipe.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Fish sandwich – potato chips and bacon, bacon and potato chips.

This sandwich is served with potato chips, bacon, potatoes and cheese, and a bacon slice.

It is a perfect way to go out and have a snack on a warm summer day.

Chicken and sausage sandwich – chicken, sausage and fried egg.

This may not be as tempting as the classic chicken and sausage, but it is the perfect way for a lazy evening snack.

Salmon sandwich – salmon, egg and cheese.

A perfect lunch for those who love a good steak.

Fish burger – salmon and chicken.

Salmon burgers are a popular summer meal and are usually served with a side of salmon and a fried egg to make it a healthy, delicious lunch.

Potato chips – potato chip with bacon, cheese and bacon.

The flavour of the chips is fantastic and the chips are fried in butter, so it is not just another potato chip.

A classic snack for everyone.

Fish salad – a salad of salmon, lettuce, tomato and cucumber, all topped with bacon.

This salad is perfect for lunch or a quick snack.

Potato burger – potatoes and bacon with fried egg and bacon bits.

It tastes like a potato burger.

Salmon burger – Salmon and bacon and fried eggs.

Salmon is so good, it’s amazing, but this is a great way to start the day.

Fish soup – fish, soup, cheese.

This soup is an excellent way to have a bite to eat and it’s served with potatoes, bacon cheese and tomato.

This dish is also great for when you want to try out a new fish.

Chicken sandwich – turkey and chicken, chicken and bacon on the side.

This would be a great lunch for anyone who wants a quick meal and it will be the perfect place to grab a glass of wine or a glass beer.

Potato chip – bacon, onion, garlic, garlic chips, onions, potato chips for fries.

This recipe is perfect to enjoy a hearty meal on a hot summer day or just to get your morning started.

Chicken salad – chicken and salad on the plate, potato chip, potatoes, cheese, bacon.

Potato is such a favourite of mine, so I love that this recipe makes a perfect salad to start my day.

Salmon salad – salmon salad, chicken, potato, onion and garlic chips.

It’s great to have as a quick lunch, a side dish or even to make your own.

The salad is really simple to make, but the potatoes, onions and garlic are all very easy to work with.

The flavours of the salmon are really good and the chicken is crispy.

Chicken soup – chicken with bacon and potatoes.

This fish dish is perfect as a starter for a cold summer meal.

Potato sandwich – potatoes, fried egg, bacon bits and fried cheese.

It makes a great breakfast or a delicious snack.

Chicken burger – chicken burger with fried eggs, bacon cheddar and cheese bits.

This burger is an easy way to get lunch on a summer day and will make a perfect lunch.

Fish bowl – fish bowl, fish with a tomato, cheese sauce and bacon slices.

This makes a very delicious fish bowl.

Potato salad – potato salad, potato salad and cucumbers, onions.

A great way for lunch on the go.

Potato and bacon sandwiches – potato, bacon cheeseburger and cheese sandwiches.

This combination of fish, cheese & bacon is perfect when you need a quick bite to go.

Fish fries – fish with fried chicken and potatoes and onion slices.

A very good way to add some protein to your day.

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