Uber driver caught on camera being slammed by woman in car, dragging her out of car

Uber driver Carrie Fisher was reportedly hit by a woman in a car in Florida on Monday night, and her passenger has been charged with battery.

According to local news station WPBF, Fisher’s vehicle was hit by the woman’s car as she left a bar on Miami’s west side.

The woman allegedly dragged Fisher out of the vehicle and threw her against a tree.

Fisher’s mother, Jennifer, has been arrested on a charge of child neglect.

The incident occurred around 9:30pm ET on Monday, according to the Miami Herald.

The police report states that Fisher and the woman had been drinking at a nearby bar, but the woman allegedly got into Fisher’s car and took off.

According the report, Fisher told the woman to stop, but she continued driving.

After Fisher’s son was in the car, the driver pulled up next to the woman and told her to get out of his car.

The mother reportedly continued driving, but Fisher’s phone and wallet were also thrown against the tree.

The driver was able to catch Fisher’s arm with his cell phone camera and the car was towed to a nearby garage.

Fisher’s father has not commented on the incident, but his daughter’s Facebook page has been flooded with posts saying the incident was “a bad call.”

According to NBC News, Fisher and her family are now staying in Florida until the charges are finalized.

Fishing is one of the main stars of “The Muppets.”

Her role as Mrs. Frink on “Saturday Night Live” has earned her millions of fans.

She also has an extensive acting resume, including roles in “The Princess Bride,” “Barry Lyndon,” “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.”