This shark’s skin is for sale in the US for $1 million

In 2017, a $1,000,000 shark was auctioned off on the Internet for $200,000.

The shark was part of a collection of six sharks from a British man, who had been looking for an animal to display as a trophy.

He had a rare condition that prevented him from having a full-body or a tail, which makes the shark appear to be fully alive.

The buyer, who has not been named, claimed to have sold it for a price in excess of $1.5 million, a figure he called “shark skin.”

After an investigation by Vice News, the seller’s name and address were redacted, and the shark was removed from the auction.

But the buyer claimed to be willing to sell the shark in the future.

In an email to Vice News on Monday, the buyer confirmed that he had sold the shark.

The seller did not identify the buyer, but said he was willing to return the shark to him in the near future.

The British man said the shark he sold to him was one of six in his collection that had been sent to a private collector in the United Kingdom.

The owner said he had “lost count of the number” of sharks he had in his private collection, and said that he would be returning the shark at some point.

The man, named as JK, told Vice News that he received the shark after the buyer made an unsuccessful bid for it on the online auction site eBay.

The eBay seller then offered the shark for sale, but it was never sold.

He did not specify the price of the shark, but Vice News confirmed that the buyer paid between $1 and $2,000 for it.

The sharks were part of an online auction for six of the largest shark fins found in the British Isles.

The fins were discovered in 2012, and had to be removed from a French fishing boat by a French police force.

They were then recovered by the UK Fish and Wildlife Service in 2015, and were placed on display at a museum in Portsmouth.

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