TETRACOPHAGUS is a fish that has been around for about 100 million years.

It’s the only one of the tetrapods that doesn’t have a dorsal fin and only has a single pair of fins on each side of the head.

The first tetrapod, the Archaeopteryx, was a very different beast to what we know today.

Archaeopters had only two pairs of fins, but they were so long and powerful that they were able to grab prey that were smaller than themselves.

It is possible that this ancestor of today’s tetrapoda evolved to hunt bigger fish and had no dorsal fin.

Tetrapods are a family of fishes that includes the giant tetrapozoa, the molluscs, and the fishes called amphipods.

They are all the same genus, Tetracopithecus.

They also all share the same fossil: the fossil of an early tetrapodon.

The fossil has been identified as an animal that lived about 500 million years ago in the Middle Jurassic of Africa, where it lived in the water, but it was not known how long they lived there.

It was discovered by a fossil hunter in Tanzania.

The new fossil is one of about 100 known fossil tetrapodytes in Africa, and it is thought to be the earliest known tetrapodus from Africa.

In order to study this early tetra, a team led by Professor Tim Henson at the University of Queensland in Australia, and Professor Andrew Biddle at the Natural History Museum, in London, have been searching in the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert.

The scientists found some of the oldest fossils known from Africa, but none of them had any dorsal fins.

They took this discovery as a sign that there were dinosaurs in the region.

It has been known for years that dinosaurs were active in the southern and eastern parts of Africa from around 60 million years before the age of the earliest tetrapodes, and this discovery means that dinosaurs did live there.

So, the researchers say that it is likely that early tetras in Africa were larger and heavier than they are today.

They have also found other fossil tetra that were larger than modern tetrapodies, but their dorsal fins are not as long as modern tetras.

They’re about the same length as modern dinosaurs, and they were about the size of modern humans, but that means that they could eat the largest prey.

This new fossil may help to fill in a little bit more of the picture of early tetrodots.

It may be possible to tell if this was a tetrapodiid by looking at the bones, but the fossils have to be preserved to preserve DNA, which means that scientists cannot get any more information from them.

However, the new fossil provides the first indication of what the species was called.

It also provides evidence that the first tetra may have lived in Africa about 60 million to 60 million year ago.

The team thinks that the species had an elongated, broad-skulled, and long-toothed tail.

The tail may have been used to grab and hold small prey, but if the species ate the bigger fish, it may have had a larger and stronger dorsal fin than today’s species.

This suggests that tetra had more muscle mass than the modern species.

It probably also had a dorsal and a ventral fin, which is probably a different type of tail than we see today.

The researchers say it may also have had some sort of tail like a modern turtle, but this is still a little hard to interpret.

They say that the shape of the tail is interesting because it has two very similar dorsal fins, the one on the front is more long, and a slightly longer, longer, more rounded tail on the back.

It does seem to be a different shape than that of the modern turtle.

Professor Henson says that this new fossil supports the idea that dinosaurs in Africa may have once existed there.

But the fact that they didn’t evolve to have more muscle is a bit surprising.

Tetra may not have been able to catch bigger prey, and some of them probably didn’t even survive to maturity, and probably died before reaching adulthood.

They may have eaten more meat, but we don’t know that from this fossil.

In some cases, it seems that the dinosaurs may have grown to adulthood but they may not be able to take on bigger prey and they may have lost the ability to fight.

The discovery of this new species suggests that the fossil may have played an important role in shaping how the early tetracopods developed into tetrapodicids.

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