Zebra turkey, fish, and crabs to be listed in the EU list

Zebra turkeys, frances fishers, kitty cat crabs, and zebra mussels will be listed as a group under the EU’s list of species and their protection under the Common Fisheries Policy, it has been announced.

The group includes the Atlantic salmon, which is a species which was listed as vulnerable in the ESA, as well as the mussel which is currently considered vulnerable.

The EU list, published last year, included only the Atlantic and Pacific stocks and not the other two.

However, the EU said that if the EU were to consider listing the mussels as a whole group, it would be possible to remove a number of individual species, which could have an impact on the overall status of the fish, such as their status as an endangered species.

The listing of the Atlantic mussels was approved in January.

The European Commission is also working on a draft legislation for the protection of the European mussel.

The new EU legislation will be presented to the European Parliament and will include a number, which will be voted on by MEPs, including on a list of all the species which are listed under the ESA.

The draft bill is expected to be published by the end of May.