Fish sticks may be the best solution to prevent flu for the next five years

By: Kate Tully The flu season has been a rough one.

Not only has the season been brutal for those who’ve suffered through it, but it has also left a mark on those who haven’t.

While the pandemic has caused a bit of a backlash, a good flu shot is an essential tool for those of us who’ve been forced to take a short break from work, school, or play in order to stay safe and healthy.

The flu shot helps to lower your risk of getting sick from the flu, but that’s not the whole story.

The best flu shot can help you stay well, but if you’re feeling down and not in the mood for the usual cold-weather-respiratory-disease relief, there are other things you can do to make your flu shot last longer.

Here are 10 tips for a flu shot that will last longer and keep you feeling better.


Get a flu vaccine You can buy a flu-preventable vaccine, but you’re not required to do so.

This is a simple and effective tool that you can use to get your shots as soon as you can.

It’s the only flu vaccine that’s recommended to protect against the flu and will do so for at least six months.

A flu shot also contains a vaccine that prevents the virus from re-entering the body, so it should be taken daily.

If you have a weakened immune system, it’s also advisable to take your shot once a day to reduce your risk for complications.

You can find a full list of flu shots here.

It can also be a good idea to take flu shots with a second shot on the same day if you need to.

The two shots should be spaced at least 30 minutes apart.

This will give you at least three days to get a second dose of the vaccine.

If not, you can take your next shot before the next flu season starts.


Don’t over-exercise The flu vaccine can reduce your flu symptoms if you exercise regularly.

For example, if you go for a run or ride your bike regularly, you should also take the vaccine, as it protects against the virus and can also prevent the virus returning.


Get an extra dose of vaccine to protect you from the virus After you get your second shot, take your third or fourth dose to protect your body from the re-entry of the virus into your system.

This vaccine also includes a vaccine to prevent the reentering of the same virus into the body.

The last dose is recommended to avoid complications, but the first dose can also reduce your symptoms if there are any lingering symptoms.


Do exercise before your next flu shot In general, flu shots are best taken as soon after you’ve been vaccinated.

However, if your flu shots aren’t effective, you may want to do a little extra exercise before taking your second and third shots.

This can be a combination of walking, cycling, and running to reduce the chance of a reaction from the vaccine or if you can’t get around.

Exercise can also help to lower the risk of catching the flu by making you more alert, as well as getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly.


Do more exercise than usual If you’re prone to getting flu, it can be helpful to do some extra exercise regularly, especially if you’ve never had a flu outbreak before.

If your flu is mild or non-threatening, you might want to try running or cycling a few miles each day to lower or prevent your risk from catching the virus.

The benefits of doing these exercises can also outweigh the risks of getting the flu.

If this is your first flu outbreak, it may be worth getting the two doses of the flu vaccine together before starting the routine exercise program.


Take the vaccine on time and as often as you possibly can Avoid going to bed with the flu at night.

This could make it harder for you to feel better and get better.

The influenza vaccine can help to keep you and your immune system strong, but at the same time, it won’t be effective until it’s administered to you.

If the flu is coming, you’re better off going to your doctor or taking the vaccine as soon you can to make sure it’s safe for you and for the rest of the family.

The good news is that the flu shot does contain the flu virus, so the sooner you take it, the better the chance it will work.


Make sure you take your second dose when you get home If you don’t take your first dose as soon when you leave work, home, or school, you’ll miss out on the benefits of the two shots.

If it’s a cold and you don,t feel well when you return, you will still have the chance to get the flu when you are feeling better and are able to get home.

But, if the flu isn’t back in

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