How to catch fish on the go with a selfie stick

You’ve probably heard of selfie sticks, but they’re not a very common sight these days.

And for the same reason, you’re likely to see them all the time in restaurants and in parks.

They’re great for taking pictures of food, people, and even the sea.

But, as with most things, the selfie stick has its downsides, and there are a few pros and cons to choosing one over the other.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the pros of using a selfie pen and the cons of using one over a DSLR.


The selfie stick is waterproof A selfie stick (or a camera with a digital zoom lens) is a waterproof device.

It’s designed to work with the water for long periods of time, even in watery conditions.

There are a couple of reasons why this is important, however: the stick is designed to be very durable, and you’re not limited to using it in water when you’re in a bathtub.

This means that you’re unlikely to get burned, or get caught in a storm that’s too deep to reach the water, which is important when it comes to marine life.

It also means that it’s less likely to attract sharks, who like to bite people and eat them.

The only downsides to using a waterproof selfie stick are: The stick isn’t waterproof when it’s wet or cold, and it’s more expensive than a regular camera.

If you’re looking for a selfie-stick, it might be best to go for a waterproof model.