How to tell if a wahoo is a walrus

If you’ve ever taken a picture of a walnut or pecan in the wild, you’ve probably seen a walter or a walleye in the process.

But what you may not know is that the two species of walrus are actually two separate species of fish.

The walrus is a large, armored fish, with a long, pointed tail.

It can reach over a foot (just under a meter) in length.

The pecan, on the other hand, is a smaller fish that’s often called a “belly crab” or “sea bass.”

In addition to their distinct body shapes, the two fish have very different nutritional needs, and a variety of species have different nutritional requirements.

And they’re both protected under the Endangered Species Act, or ESA.

In the wild Walgreens announced a partnership with the Marine Mammal Foundation (MMF), a non-profit conservation group, to release a series of videos of walruses and pecan divers in the hopes that viewers will be able to identify a species.

Walt Disney World, one of the world’s largest theme parks, will release a video of a sea turtle in its Safari Aquarium in 2019.

The video, called “A Tribute to Sea Turtles,” features an artist creating a turtle from scratch with a piece of walnut.

“I love to take this opportunity to share a piece I did of an early walrus that was at a zoo,” artist Andrew K. Gifford said in the video.

The turtle in the clip is a male, which is the species of shell the walrus inhabits.

“It’s a great way to learn about these amazing animals, to share their amazing stories, and to honor the incredible animals who’ve been the source of so much for us all over the world,” Walgreens spokesperson Kristin Jones said in a statement.

“We look forward to showing these videos to guests as part of our ongoing commitment to protecting these amazing creatures.”

To find out more about the walruse and pecans, check out the MMF website.

ABC News’ Julie Mees contributed to this report.

Fishing charters: What you need to know about boats and fishing destinations

Fishing charter companies are a growing industry in the US and UK, and are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional boat rental agencies.

These companies are owned and operated by boat enthusiasts who seek to provide a safe, family-friendly experience for their guests.

We’ve compiled a guide to the different types of fishing charter services in the country and how to get in touch with one of the best in the business.

Find out more about fishing charchers in the UK and USRead the original article

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