Koi fish caught in Thailand are the new black

A fisherman caught a rare, pink-headed fish with his bare hands in the waters of northern Thailand’s Koh Tao province, authorities said on Wednesday.

A fisherman called the police to report the fish had been caught in the water near a beach in Koh Tao, the southern province of Thua Thiam.

The fish is believed to be the first ever caught in Koh.

A spokesman for the local authorities told local news agency Chiang Mai TV that they received a report from the local police station on Wednesday that the fish was found, but the police did not immediately provide further details.

He said that the fisherman had called them and asked for the authorities to catch it.

They took it out and he was able to capture it.

It was a very rare fish.

He added that the police had no idea how it got to Thailand.

He did not give a name for the fisherman.