How to tell the difference between a dolphin and a whale shark

A whale shark is not only large, it is also a huge fish.

Its fins are like large spoons, and its eyes are very big, like a fish eye.

The whale shark also has the same size of the fish in its mouth.

But these differences do not mean it is a dolphin.

Whale sharks are a type of squid that are not the smallest species of fish in the ocean.

They are often found in the shallow waters of the North Pacific Ocean and are very similar to the bottlenose dolphins, or dolphin whales.

The size of a whale’s fins is determined by how much it weighs and how fast it swims.

The more a whale has the ability to pull itself to the surface by pulling the fish into it, the more its fins are shaped like a spinner.

The whales most important feeding mechanism is by feeding on algae.

It feeds on these algae to build its fins.

A large whale’s mouth and fin are also shaped like spoons.

These spoons are very powerful, but they can be damaged when the whale is in danger of drowning.

If a whale is hit by a boat or an iceberg, the whale may become disoriented and go underwater, leaving its spoons in the water.

Because of this, it’s often important to take them to shore.

Whale shark can also be mistaken for a dolphin or porpoise.

The two species are quite similar, but in the North Atlantic Ocean they can only be distinguished by their dorsal fin.

There is no real difference between whale sharks and dolphins.