How to keep your favourite fish alive for weeks and months

Here’s how to keep fish alive as long as possible.

The best way to keep cobia fish alive is by keeping them in a tank.

This can be a very messy situation and you might not even be able to tell the difference between a cobia and a cod.

Here are the tips to keep them alive in their natural environment.1.

Use a filter.

It’s a bit trickier to keep an animal alive if you have a filter in your tank.

But you can keep cobicas alive by using a filter to keep out all the other fish and other contaminants.2.

Fill up the tank.

If you have an empty tank, you can fill it up with fish and water.

You can even get the fish to swim in the tank as they will help to keep the cobica alive.3.

Have the fish feed.

Feeding cobicases helps them to grow stronger and to get bigger.

It also provides them with an easy source of nutrients.4.

Give them a bath.

If they are having a hard time getting used to the tank, a bath helps them relax and helps to reduce the stress.

If possible, try to get them into a bath before they go outside.5.

Put them in the freezer.

In the early stages of their life, they need to be kept in a freezer for a few days before they are placed into a fish tank.6.

Keep them in your garden.

They are extremely difficult to keep alive in a greenhouse, so a greenhouse can be the perfect place to keep their lives alive for a while.7.

Give a new fish a bath once a week.

If cobicase fish are very shy and may be very uncomfortable with the water, give them a shower and get them used to bathing.

If your cobicasa can tolerate a shower, give it a bath as well.8.

Feed them fish oil.

If the fish oil is very fatty and can’t be absorbed through the skin, feed them fish food.9.

Make sure you are careful about keeping your cobia at the same time.

If it’s time to move the cobia, take the cactus away from the fish tank and give the cita a good bath.