How to get rid of fish traps in your backyard

Fish traps are a great way to keep fish out of your yard and make sure your yard is safe.

But many homeowners are not using them, according to a new report from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

The foundation says that in 2014, more than a third of Americans did not use a fish trap, and a third did not even know they had one.

In fact, more Americans reported not knowing they had a fish traps than that they used one.

The study also found that people who did not know their fish traps had significantly higher levels of exposure to chemicals and bacteria than those who did.

Some homeowners were also more likely to use them on their own property.

Many of those who used fish traps reported the traps were placed on their property because it was more convenient, or because they thought the fish would eat them.

The fish traps are also used by people to catch their pets, who sometimes become entangled in the trap and end up in the water.

However, the foundation said, many homeowners did not follow the guidelines for using them and did not install the traps.

It said that in addition, more people were using them on the neighbor’s property than they were on their yard.

So what are the rules for using a fish-catching trap?

It is illegal to use a trap on your own property unless you are a registered commercial fisher.

You can use it for a maximum of one month.

There are some exceptions, like if the fish you catch is a species of fish that is common in your neighborhood, such as trout or bass.

If you live near the interstate, you should be able to use your fish-trap in that area.

You cannot use a fishing pole in the yard or on the driveway.

But you should always follow the rules to make sure you are abiding by the rules.

For more information on fishing and trapping, visit the U.S. Fish and Game website.

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