How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Baby: An Infant’s Story of Love, Joy, and Hope

When I was six months old, I was given a gift of an MRI scan.

The results came back with my baby’s brain tumor, a tumor that had been there since he was a baby, and a growing scar that had grown out of it.

It had already taken me over a year to figure out that the tumor was growing and was slowly killing me, but at that moment, I knew that I was in love with my little boy.

I was still growing and had so many other needs and I had to make sacrifices to survive.

I decided that the best way to do this was to get a MRI that could show how my brain was changing and what it would take to make it last.

I knew I needed to know exactly what my body was doing and what was causing the changes, so I went to the lab to get it.

The lab came back negative.

That was the start of the story.

The next few months were a struggle.

My body was changing all the time, and I knew it was time for a change.

I spent countless hours trying to find a way to help my body and to change my brain so that it would last.

By age 10, I had made the decision to have surgery to remove the tumor, and it was done.

I also got my first MRI in which I could see how my body had changed.

My MRI revealed that my brain had grown and was growing more slowly.

I could tell this was bad news.

I had already gotten my first tumor removed, and my body didn’t seem to be growing at all.

It seemed like my body, which had been doing all the changes it had been working so hard to create, was no longer capable of doing anything about the changes in my brain.

The tumor had been removed, but it still threatened my ability to function and had to be removed.

I wasn’t going to let this go, and after several more surgeries, I decided I was going to get the MRI again and have it done again, which would give me the most complete picture of my brain to make sure I was right for a transplant.

That MRI showed that I did not have a brain tumor anymore, and that my new body was in good shape and that I would be able to live a normal life.

But there was a catch.

I still had a brain.

I didn’t have the tumor. And I didn

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