Fishing pole holders have ‘a lot of fun’ in the wilderness, study finds

Fishing pole holder Chris Brown, 27, and his partner Chris Ritchie, 24, are enjoying their summer of adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Brown said he and his partners were fishing for smallmouth bass and trout and fishing in the lake near the campground when they heard the noise of helicopters.

“We were just sitting there, like, ‘What the heck?”

Brown said.

‘I have a really good feeling’ “We thought it was a big dog, like an eagle, so we looked at it and we were like, ”Wow, there’s an aircraft flying over us,” Brown said, laughing.

His partner said they heard a helicopter and turned around to see what it was, but it wasn’t a helicopter.

A helicopter was not involved.

Brown said they saw a plane fly by, then a big plane flew over the camp.

He said they started to laugh.

“Then we got to this big rock, like this rock like this, and we just looked down and saw this big plane flying by,” he said.

Brown and Ritchie were able to take off from their camp, where they are staying at a campsite.

They said they got their fishing poles out, but they were unable to catch any of the fish they caught.

When asked what they think of the helicopter that flew over them, Brown said they were glad to see it, but didn’t get a good feel for what it is.

Brown is now going to spend the summer on a fishing expedition with his buddy, who are heading out on their first fishing trip.