Fish ‘died from being shot in the head’ after being shot with shotgun in California

By Andrew J. HarnikVice News/Getty ImagesA California man shot and killed a 20-foot bluefin tuna after being confronted by the animal’s owner.

The incident happened on October 7, 2017, when the man and his girlfriend were driving along a highway in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The couple was attempting to pick up their daughter when they were pulled over by police, according to a statement by San Francisco Police Department.

The officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle, according the statement.

“The man stated he didn’t know what he was doing and pulled out a shotgun from the trunk,” the statement continued.

“When the officer approached the vehicle the man pulled out another shotgun, and the officer asked him what he had done.

The man said he was going to shoot the fish in the face.

When the officer told him he could not shoot the bluefin, the man shot the tuna.”

The police report did not identify the man who shot the bluefins, but it was reported that he was in his early 20s.

The man told police he had been trying to fish for bluefin for about two months, and that he had gotten the fish several times before.

He had been using a small caliber shotgun, which the officers did not see, according it.

The police reported that the tuna was dead from the shotgun, but that the man had also shot himself with the gun.

“The officer stated that he saw a large amount of blood on the ground, as well as a bullet hole in the driver’s side of the SUV, which was consistent with the shot,” the police report continued.

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