Disney’s ‘The Legend of Korra’ sequel to be ‘more than just a reboot’

In a series of tweets this week, Walt Disney Studios President Kevin Feige revealed the next chapter in the animated series that has already received a lot of critical acclaim.

“The Legend the Kanto Islands is a sequel to ‘The Adventures of Korra,'” Feige wrote.

“A sequel that will be more than just another reboot.

It’s a new beginning.”

Feige also said that he has been approached by many studios interested in the film, including “big-budget” Marvel Studios and Disney.

“There’s a lot we haven’t revealed yet, but we’ll be announcing more very soon,” Feige added.

The announcement came on the heels of the official announcement that a sequel was on the way.

“Korra’s adventures continue as she teams up with a mysterious new ally,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said at the time.

“With the help of her newfound ally, she’ll embark on an epic adventure across the legendary world of The Legend of the Korra.

This sequel to The Legend is the first film to be produced under the Marvel banner and will be the first animated feature to be co-produced by Marvel Studios.”

The film has already earned strong reviews, including a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 77% on ComicBookMovie.

“We’re excited to see what Korra does next and how she and the Avatar’s new ally, Lin, go about tackling their greatest challenges,” Feigen said.

“If we’re lucky, the sequel will be as popular as the original.”

“TheLegendOfKorora,” the animated television series created by Nickelodeon star Niki Caro and animated by Avatar director James Cameron, has been a critical and commercial success and has been hailed as one of the best shows on television.

“Legend of Korra” premiered in March 2018 and has grossed more than $1 billion at the box office.

“Legends” star James Wan also announced on Twitter that he was “begging for the opportunity to direct,” saying he wanted to work with the film’s director, who is based in Los Angeles.

“I’d love to work on this movie.

I’m begging for the chance to direct the sequel,” Wan wrote.

Feige’s announcement comes just two weeks after Fox Studios president Greg Silverman announced that the “Legend” series will not be renewed for a third season.

“It is the best possible decision for the company,” Silverman said.

The Legend, which premiered on Nickelodeons Nickelodeonia in 2000, has won five Emmys and has garnered more than 8 million viewers per episode.

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